Photos of You

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Publisher Description

'Heart-wrenchingly romantic, this book will leave you wanting to hold your loved ones just that little bit closer' Emma Cooper, author of The First Time I Saw You

A compassionate, uplifting love story that will break your heart, but help you cherish each day. Fans of Jojo Moyes and Lucy Dillon will love Photos of You by Tammy Robinson.

Only months left of your life . . . to make memories that will last forever

When Ava Green turns twenty-eight, she discovers this will be her last birthday. The cancer she fought three years ago is back, and this time it's going to beat her. But Ava is not going to let cancer define her last, precious months. There's one thing she's been dreaming of since she was a small girl: her wedding. She may not have a groom, and there's not a lot of time . . . but none of that is going to stop her.

As friends and family rally to help Ava throw the wedding of her dreams - just without the actual vows - a mammoth organisation begins. But when photographer James Gable volunteers to help document the whole event, it becomes painfully clear that it's never too late to discover the love of your life.

Readers love Tammy Robinson:

'A deeply emotional story that will remind you that life is a gift, and it's never too late for love' KELLY RIMMER, author of Me Without You

'Heart warming and heart breaking - you will need tissues!' Hello!

'Robinson is a storyteller in the Jojo Moyes vein' Coast FM

'Tammy Robinson is a natural storyteller' NICKY PELLEGRINO

'How I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Reading this book will make you laugh and cry and feel every emotion in between' Goodreads reviewer

'If you're after an emotional love story, with real feeling characters, that takes you on a journey of struggles and heartache, I highly recommend this book. Just remember to buy a box of tissues' Goodreads reviewer

'Quite literally took my breath away' Goodreads reviewer

'Uplifting, bittersweet and powerful' Goodreads reviewer

Hannah Marshall (reader)
hr min
10 January
Little, Brown Book Group