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Retinitis Pigmentosa 101: How to live, grow, and become your best self with retinitis pigmentosa from A to Z.

Are you someone who has been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa or a parent who has recently learned that your child is losing their vision? Then this book might just be for you. In this book, you will learn:


How to deal with your child’s vision loss. Parenting is already difficult, but this book will help you learn fundamental lessons to pass on to your child as well as practical advice on how to help your child learn the skills they need to live independently.
How to deal with school and bullies and make it through college. Bullies plague many children, but living with a disability can make that bullying so much worse. Learning skills that can help you avoid the bullies and make it through your first taste of independence safely and with confidence can make all the difference.
How to live independently, from getting a job to dating to practical skills you can use in your everyday life. This book can help you.
How to get a guide dog. One of the most life-changing things a visually impaired person can do is get a guide dog. This book will walk you through how to get a guide dog and how that dog will change your life.


If you’re tired of struggling with your vision loss, Retinitis Pigmentosa 101 will help you find the joy in life again along with showing you practical skills you need to function in your everyday life.


About the Expert 

Katie McCoy may have been born with retinitis pigmentosa, but vision loss hasn’t slowed her down. With a bachelor’s in history from the College of Charleston and a master’s in museum education from George Washington University in Washington, DC, Katie formerly worked as a museum education assistant and as a special education teacher and now serves as an associate director of philanthropy for Southeastern Guide Dogs. She has a drive to help others with disabilities and to share the hope that many people need. Katie has participated in competitive gymnastics, vaults on a horse, and is a long-distance runner. She has been able to adapt and excel despite her vision loss and would like to help others do the same.  

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