Second World War Diary: Year 1945 Second World War Diary: Year 1945

Second World War Diary: Year 1945

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    • €8.99

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World War II rises in its vastness and complexity over the rest of human history. A number of victims difficult to conceive, never surpassed by any other conflict; the masses of men, women and resources mobilized in a conflict that shook even the most remote ends of the planet; the ideological battle between totalitarianism and democracy, between fascism and communism, the passions and hatred that it aroused; the unimaginable horror and fanaticism of the Holocaust; geopolitical games; the repetition of World War I on an even more dire scale.

The war was a gigantic melting pot of violence, power, and ideology that will leave an indelible scar on human history. In many ways our world is the direct fruit of 1945, and the memory of fascism and the resistance against it, the Shoah and the millions of lives lost, are at the core of political culture and moral and psychological fiber of many modern societies. And if the legacy of war has faded somewhat in recent decades, the turmoil the world is currently experiencing is violently awakening his memory. The waves of refugees fleeing violence and poverty, the destruction of war and genocide in the Middle East, the rise of populist movements in Europe and North America, the growing tensions between Russia and the West, the centrifugal tendencies that are Breaking Europe, the turn toward economic protectionism and political isolationism brings with them disturbing reverberations from the world that produced World War II.

This Diary of the Second World War has been able to cover all facets of the conflict and is a fundamentally empirical work, which narrates events as they occurred, rejecting value judgments, and therein lies its value: it is an insurmountable encyclopedia published on visual, textbook and now as an audiobook.

This audiobook includes the year 1945 till the end of WW2 and an one hour special, "Defendants In the Courtroom" which includes Nuremberg Trials and more.

Drew Crosby
hr min
11 December
Pacific Media,S.L.