Shrink: Become Bulletproof, Move Mountains, and Create a Revolution Inside Your Body for the World to See (Unabridged) Shrink: Become Bulletproof, Move Mountains, and Create a Revolution Inside Your Body for the World to See (Unabridged)

Shrink: Become Bulletproof, Move Mountains, and Create a Revolution Inside Your Body for the World to See (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • €11.99

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Shrink reveals the missing link between longing to be healthy and achieving extreme, vibrant health - without even feeling like you are trying!

Do you want more energy to live your life’s purpose and be there for your loved ones? Are you ready to improve your inner game and change in your health and relationships for the rest of your life?

In this audiobook you will learn how to:

Live a healthy life full of fun and purpose.
Take charge of your own motivation and habits.
Choose relationships that help make you radiate with health.

Use life’s tough challenges to propel you forward and make you unstoppable! Transforming from the inside-out is the real key to lasting health and fitness! Change your heart. Change your mind. Change your life.

Shrink is for the brave souls like you, who truly want to get past the internal baggage and roadblocks that have kept you unhealthy in the past. You will restore your health and live your purpose by taking charge of your internal motivation, thought, emotions, and habits.

The first key to making lasting change is understanding how powerful gorgeous, and amazing you really are.  We are all responsible and in charge of what we do. When you start to realize how powerful you are, lasting change can start to happen inside of you.

Are you ready to start the process of making changes in your thoughts, emotions, motivations, and habits so that living a healthy lifestyle starts to feel good and comes naturally to you? Are you ready to experience extreme health and energy and contribute to this world like never before?

During this journey towards your clear goals, you may go through some unexpected feelings as you work through the potholes that may have slowed you down during past attempts to be healthy. You may experience joy, pride, satisfaction, comfort, discomfort, guilt, frustration, uncertainty, or even other feelings that you did not expect to have!

Just remember that any feeling that comes up is ok. Any feeling is allowed and acknowledged. Just keep on moving and taking action. If you fall down and make a mistake, get back up and try again another way. When you succeed, celebrate immediately in a healthy way! One of the main things to remember during these times is to let yourself feel your feelings without judging them.

Notice your feelings like you would notice waves of the sea coming and going. Acknowledge and feel them, and then allow yourself to move on. You are always in charge of yourself no matter what emotional cloud may be floating by at the moment. This audiobook will help you on your own path to immense health, letting your fit, gorgeous self shine!

Make the commitment to start this adventure. You will enjoy the security of knowing that you can have the healthy body you once dreamed of. Take an honest look and do whatever it takes with the guidance of this book. Make the changes inside your heart and mind that will give you the thriving health you crave.

This audiobook is a guide to transform and live a deeply satisfying and healthy lifestyle by experience new ways of thinking, living, being, and relating. Participate in this journey when you are ready and experience fun and support every step of the way. Savor the lasting internal change and live your ideal life. Create a revolution inside your body for the world to see!

Visit for more from Dr. Daphne Erhart. Dr. Daphne is a clinical psychologist, master neurolinguistic program practitioner, author, speaker, and lover of people with over 20 years of experience in the field of psychology.

Become bulletproof, move mountains, create a revolution inside your body for the world to see!

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Dr. Daphne Erhart
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7 November
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