The Blessing Trail: Stories to Warm the Heart The Blessing Trail: Stories to Warm the Heart

The Blessing Trail: Stories to Warm the Heart

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    • €5.99

Publisher Description

Like a crunchy toasted bread, this book is crisply written for kids and conveyed through priceless quick-witted real-life stories, presented in chunks, broken into bits and pieces, and tightly wrapped in biblical principles, the latter serving as hot chocolate! What could be yummier!

This unique book tags us along Mary and John’s fun and scary adventures and delightful and sad experiences as curious kids, school learners, and brother and sister belonging to a family who actively teaches Life lessons in chunks and Bible principles made real through daily life application.

Beautiful Bible gems applied in real life through stories create interest and resonate with readers because these, too, could happen any time in their young life. As you read along, you understand that no one is exempted from the cuts, bruises, and skirmishes of young life–even in the most loving of homes!

One of the many life lessons that impacts young readers in this book is the truth about children’s propensity to tell lies at an early age. Thus, the Hard truth about lies should be explained to them at an early age. Kids ought to learn about discernment early on. Truth-telling is a beautiful character trait that will carry them through life whether in excellent or awful circumstances. It is armor; it is a shield.

Life lessons for kids when embedded in a child’s early years will serve as a compass, a moral guide, that will lead the child throughout her life until adulthood. Sharpening kids in God’s words and grounding them in old-fashioned values will not only make them strong individuals but more importantly, will grow them in Courage in extraordinary circumstances, even in ordinary situations, when no one seems to be brave enough or principled enough.

The book is not only crunchy; it freshly bites!

Kids & Young Adults
Wendy Reardon
hr min
24 January
Spirit Media