The Empaths Guide to Living: How You Can Develop Your HSP Gifts, Thrive in the Modern World & Exercises to Protect Yourself Against Negative Energy (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • €15.99

Publisher Description

Do you want to be able to live with empathy and find new ways to grow within yourself?

Searching for a way to move beyond negative energy with power and authenticity?

The goal in life is always to live on your own terms, but what happens when you find a deeper way to understand how everyone around you feels and thinks?

This answer is lengthy and complex, but it’s one that will set you free to be the person you’ve always known you can be deep down within yourself. Just remember to hold onto something that will reshape how you think about the rest of the world…

…you can achieve balance, peace, and harmony in a way that puts negative energy in a box from which it can never escape.

The Empaths Guide to Living is for anyone who wants to thrive in the digital age without having to feel like they’re sprinting just to try and stand still.

It's for those of us who actually feel others emotions, energy, and even manifest physical symptoms, but want to embrace this as the gift it truly is and turn it into our greatest superpower.

Inside The Empaths Guide to Living, you're going to learn about:

Exactly what an empath is and why you are such a unique and gifted being if you are one
The science of empathy and why the modern world seems so desensitized to just about everything
The journey to embracing your unique empath gifts and living your best life matching your empath type
The seven keys to building healthy relationships as an empath, including how to set strong boundaries (which a lot of empaths sadly struggle to do)
How to truly open yourself up to intimacy and vulnerability with the right people so it can transform your life like never before
The truth you must know about narcissists and why, as an empath, you must protect yourself starting today
The almost unknown link between empaths and true spirituality (including three common empath gifts)
All different types of empaths explained and how to discover what one you are inside
A guide to parenting an empath and how to help them blossom into their best version in the modern world
And a whole lot more

Now that you know how much more becomes possible when you connect with your inner empath, you really can go out there and change the way you approach your entire life.

All you have to do is believe the shift is possible, and everything else will fall right into place.

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Kelly Smith
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21 September
Abigail Hargreaves