Wisdom's Wishes: How to Turn Anxiety into a Gift that Will Connect Your Family (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you are a parent struggling with a child with anxiety, you will recognize yourself in every word of this book and in many of the examples used. I wrote this book with you in mind to provide you with a framework you can easily follow and implement to move toward the family life you dreamed of and dictate the pace and route as your family see fit.

This chapter sets the tone of how parents will approach anxiety going forward and will use practical examples of what I do on a regular basis to help my children navigate the path between anxious thoughts and pent-up emotions driving their behavior. Once families have listened to this chapter, they will begin to change how they view their child’s behavior and thus how they approach their solutions to meeting the needs being expressed.

Chapter 2—Anxiety in Motion: A deep dive into what is actually happening in our thought process when we are stuck on anxious thoughts. This chapter provides a clear map for your family, illustrating step by step why anxiety can leave our children dissociated and stressed. You will also come away with a simple, understandable explanation of how we as humans work on an internal level.

Chapter 3—Anchoring Techniques: In this chapter, I cover the now clock and the senses game. The now clock is one of the most powerful techniques a parent can use to calm any anxious mind. It dissolves countless worries and supports the child and parent to regain a sense of power in the moment. It brings your child’s focus back to the present is very freeing. The senses game can be played anywhere to great effect and is a fun, simple, and effective way to calm the monkey thoughts.

Chapter 4—Relax Kids Magic in Motion: Here I share some of the magic that can happen when you use the relax kids seven steps to orientate your day. It is amazing to see the transformation in children when we combine simple techniques to lift their energy.

Sinead Flanagan
hr min
5 August
Orla Kelly Publishing