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101 Things to Sell Online -
Make Money Online Selling Things You Never Dreamed People Would Buy

You’ve heard the success stories of people who start selling shoelaces online and strike it rich. You might have wondered, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

There is no magic potion for selling online. A bit of marketing helps a great deal, but aside from that, you just have to offer a product, any product really, to someone looking to buy that product.

This ebook will give you 101 ideas for things that you can sell online, many of which you might never have thought of. I’ve been selling online since 1997, and I’ve successfully marketed a wide range of products. My focus now is offering items that reflect my own true passions. I love nature and I love to make things.

While there are many websites online that provide individuals a way to sell handmade creations, gently used items and vintage collectibles, I never found a website that focused solely on my own areas of interest. In early 2012, I created Driftwood Mall, a marketplace where buyers and sellers can enjoy a wide range of natural and artistic supplies and handmade arts and crafts.

As a person seeking a way to generate online income, you’ll be pleased to discover a huge list of items which people are seeking to buy. Many of these items may be found right in your hometown or even your very own backyard. Likewise, if you are artistic or creative in any way, you’ll find an outlet for your unique and one-of-a-kind crafts and supplies right at Driftwood Mall.

Business & Personal Finance
July 29
Jeannie Pitt

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