12 Steps That Can Save Your Life

Real-Life Stories from People Who Are Walking the Walk

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Real-life stories from people working twelve-step programs, and practical advice from the author of Addiction & Grief.

Clean and sober twenty days or twenty years—it makes no difference. We all need a little help every once in a while. Barb Rogers has been sober for a long time. And she knows that doesn’t make a difference—what makes a difference is that she’s clean and sober today.

Rogers’s newest book offers true stories from real life people. Their addictions have led them to a twelve-step program. Yet, in working the program, they have found, as the saying goes, things are simple but not always easy. The important thing is—no matter what difficulties we have with any of the steps—is to keep working the steps, as many times as it takes. There is no perfection, there is no goal, there is only walking the talk, one day at a time.

In 12 Steps That Can Save Your Life, Barb Rogers once again offers down-home sensible advice, along with stories a struggling reader can identify with. Twelve-step programs are neither cult, curse, nor cure. They work because they are ongoing, because of the focus is inward and outward, and because people recognize that their lives are better when they work them.

Praise for 12 Steps That Can Save Your Life

“This small book offers great insight, hope, education, and the invitation to celebrate or even to recommit to the 12-Step journey, if one has wandered away. I have been on this path for 34 years and thoroughly enjoyed hearing Barb’s stories and sharing in her joy about the miracle recovery has given her and so many others.” —Karen Casey, Ph.D., author of Let Go Now

“Barb Rogers does it again! In plain language, she explains the simple 12-Step program that has saved so many lives. It saved mine, and yours could be next.” —Elizabeth Engstrom, author of The Northwoods Chronicles

“Barb shows how the 12 Steps can be applied to overcome any problem destroying your life. When she says the Steps can save your life, it isn’t just a hook to get you to buy the book—it is a reality.” —Allen Berger, Ph.D., author of 12 More Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery

“If Barb Rogers were the Lone Ranger, her latest book would be a silver bullet left in her wake. 12 Steps That Can Save Your Life is a powerful tool.” —Earnie Larsen, author of Stage II Recovery: Life Beyond Addiction

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1 September
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