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Have you been experiencing battles in your sleep despite your efforts to pray?
Do you have nightmares or bad dreams where you see things you may not fully understand but you believe they are evil?
Do you get rejected anytime something good wants to come your way?

Does any of these sound familiar?
You are not alone. Everyday people like you experience strange things happening in their lives. we are really in a battle front

The issue is made worse as many people are not even aware how this battle is being fought. They hope day by day believe that things will change.

David minjares in this release will show you how to win your life battles and become free again. He explains why the enemy fights every believer
And mentions some weapons that have been used to defeat the devil when you align yourself with the lord.

This means that you will end your worst nightmares and bad dreams
This book will also help you achieve rest while asleep.

it’s scary that many are tormented and they can no longer feel safe at night.

Finally, you now have an opportunity to crush the enemy troubling your soul and be free forever.

In this book, you will find
The reasons why these weapons work. For example, he mentions the use of the blood of the lamb. the author carefully explains that people’s names could be taken to altars.

You know that whenever an altar is raised, blood has to be sacrificed on it.
For you to win, you need to present a higher blood than the one on ground.
This is where the blood of the lamb comes up.

He explains further twenty one potent weapons with scriptural backups and how you can use them to your advantage.
Here is what a few customers has to say about this book

"A good book for those who wants to prevail in prayer as a prayer warrior" S.J. Moses

"I am involved in a chain prayer ground in my local church and after reading this , I am happy that these weapons are well described. i even noticed there were some that i never thought of before" frank Jeff peters

Let your enemies feel the great power of God in your life. use the right weapons and you will never lose any battle again.
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Religion & Spirituality
February 12
David Minjares