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In life, change will occur, whether you want it to or not. Pastor Beard has laid out the forecast of where to expect change and then gives you a game plan to navigate the changes in life for your benefit. 21 Principles of Change should be read by anyone who wants to be prepared for lifes changes and to live up to their greatest potential. Alan H Turner II, President &

CEO United Way of Central Florida

How many people does it take to make a difference in the world? Just one according to Jerrell Beard. And that one is you! One changed life will create a tidal wave of change that is irrevocable and irreplaceable.

-Dr Jim Toole, Founder, Original Design Ministry and Author, Xtreme Leadership

Carefully researched and well written! I recommend this resource to anyone who is willing to embrace these 21 Principles of Change. This amazing, powerful and compelling book will serve as an agent of change not only for you, but those around you.

-Wayne D. Fleming, President, United Brotherhood Ministry.

21 Principles of Change will help you: Do what you need to do to succeed Turn every obstacle into an opportunity without fail Get unstuck and stay unstuck Fully charge your motivation Achieve more success now Nourish your greatness within and your influence without Develop the mental power to win at every level Harness the grit to excel further than ever before Create an unstoppable future vision and strategy to bring the vision to life Be relentless in everything that you do

21 Principles of Change is a resource guide for every stage and season of life. It is a life-changing and thought provoking book complete with timeless practical wisdom that you will revisit over and over again.

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January 13
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