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A Magical Course on the Pyramid of Magic reveals and explores the very foundation of all magic, known as the pyramid of magic. 
By learning the pyramid, you will be able to significantly increase the power and effectiveness of all your magic and spells. 
Many magicians and sorcerers, especially those who are just starting out, struggle with how they can make their magic work. 
A common problem with today's magical instructions is that they become mere recipes that a person would follow without emphasizing the magical aspect of the occult nature of the work. 
By applying the foundations of the pyramid, every magical work becomes a real magical casting and not a mere perfunctory execution of certain steps or instructions. 

The pyramid of magic is not a new invention.
Its history can be traced back to the early records of magic found in ancient Egypt itself. 
It is not a coincidence that the teachings have been known as the pyramid, for they originated in ancient Egypt. 
To be more specific, the teachings came from the ancient alchemists, who, in turn, learned it from the renowned Hermes Trismegistus. 
There are also some magicians and witches who learned the teachings of the pyramid through their own efforts and magical experiences. 
As you can see, the pyramid of magic is actually a set of universal teachings that is unknown to many people. 
By learning and gaining mastery of the pyramid, you can gain mastery of magic and exercise dominion over all things.

A magician who does not observe the teachings of the pyramid is not a true and genuine magician.
Rather, he is lost like the many others who engage in the craft of the occult only to get lost in its mystery instead of being the master of its mystery and secret teachings. 
The pyramid of magic has four grand cornerstones: knowledge, faith, will, and silence. 
All true and effective magic resonates with all these foundations to the point that they have been considered by many Adepts as the rules of magic by which occult forces operate.
By learning these teachings, you can finally make magic work for you, and not end up like many aspirants who end up disappointed and lost along the way.

A Magical Course on the Pyramid of Magic is a guiding light that reveals each of the cornerstones of the magical pyramid — and more, you shall also discover the secret that lies inside the pyramid of magic.
Let us journey into the realm of magic and discover the truthfulness of its power, for we shall place them at your fingertips. 
Remember to use this magical revelation and wisdom wisely, and only for good. 

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August 16
Albertus Crowley

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