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This super sexy three story bundle contains all of Ally's naughty adventures with Mr. Blackburn. The young woman can hardly resist such a sexy and experienced man - but he has a lot more at stake than she does. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other or will their lust for each other drive them to ruin? This bundle contains over 16,000 explicit words.

Ally's Naughty Adventures # 1
Ally just wants to have fun. Actually, that's not entirely true. Ally wants to have fun with her best friend's dad, a super fit man in his forties who happens to be married. When he gives her an internship, she knows what she needs to do. Will he give in to the young woman? How far will she go to get with this man? Warning: This story contains over 5,400 explicit words
Ally's Naughty Adventures # 2
They said that it would be a one time thing. He’s married. She’s his daughter’s best friend, but Ally and Mr. Blackburn can’t resist the lust filled temptation for each other. Warning: This story contains over 5,000 explicit words
Ally's Naughty Adventures # 3
Ally tries to forget about Mr. Blackburn, her best friend’s father. She goes on date with a guy her own age. He’s smart, has a great future ahead of him, he’s hot as hell, but he’s not Mr. Blackburn. She spends all dinner thinking about him, remembering the way he felt inside of her, the way he made her feel. She knows that she has to stay away from him - he’s married, she’s an intern for him, but it’s hard.
He can’t stop thinking about her either. When he stays in a downtown hotel for a weekend conference, he invites her to come over. They both know it’s not a good idea to see each other again, but they can’t stop their lust.

May 6
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