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In my previous book " Do The 59s In Golf Prove Biorhythm Theory? I asked a provocative question. I answered it emphatically. In fact : I became the first person in history to show a correlation to exceptionally low scoring in golf and Biorhythm Theory!
Although I showed that Biorhythm cycles exist , what I did NOT do is this : Prove the original concept of Biorhythm Theory.
Does that sound contradictory?
Let me elaborate why it is NOT.
Biorhythm Theory suggests that a Critical Day is an unstable day that yields accidents and sub par performances. In practice it has been found that a Critical Day can sometimes and quite often yield exceptional, once in a life time performances. Particularly in the arena of sport.
One of the early gurus -- Bernard Gittelson , mentioned this phenomenon in one of his books. However, as I detailed in my own book, Gittelson was part "scientist" and part con artist. Gittelson was trying to "sell" Biorhythm Theory.
So why did the Theory fail?
Biorhythms exist --but they do not exist in a vacuum.
When I analyzed the Games of the 2019 World Series there were a number of anomalies. When I used Biorhythm Theory-- I was pleasantly surprised! Many of the anomalies coincided with familiar Biorhythm patterns.
The Theory predicted what none of the "so called" experts could : The Theory predicted the winner of each of the first five games-- All of which were won on the road !
Over the years have seen a movie and heard talk about Sabermetrics. Lots of numbers and stats thrown around. Sabermetrics has it's place. It can show potential-- but Sabermetrics cannot do what I have observed with Biorhythm Theory-- An objective method that predicted the outcome of the first five games.
However, I will have to teach you this method of analysis. It is not overly complicated but it does require a certain facility wih numbers. Besides predicting the first five games with Biorhythm Theory-- I used it to help me analyze a troubling problem. Did the 2017 Houston Astros cheating scheme really give them an "enormous" advantage as the "so called" experts think. You may be surprised what I found. So open your mind and open your eyes as we take a Fresh, New look at Biorhythm Theory while we apply it to Major League Baseball.

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February 13
Namref H. Tims

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