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Angkor Wat: The Ultimate Guide Book With 65 Temples and 369 Images

Want to know the temples not to miss at Angkor? Looking for amazing places to see the sunrise and sunset? Want to know how to take stunning pictures at the temples with your cell phone or camera? Looking for tips to make the most of your visit at Angkor Wat? Read on…

The temples of Angkor were built in different building styles, as well as dedicated to different religions and gods. This makes each temple unique. Some temples may appeal more to the Lara Croft or Indiana Jones visitor that seeks overgrown temples. While others want to appreciate intricate art or spectacular temples sizes.

Anton Swanepoel, a Cambodia travel expert resided in Cambodia for 18 months, only minutes from these mystical and inspiring structures. He has documented 50 temples, as well as the 5 gates in the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. The 5 gates in the park and 15 additional temples or attractions around the park is also documented. With the included 1 to 5 day itinerary you can hit the ground running when you land.

What You Will Discover In This Book:
• 65 Temples, some nestled in dense jungle.
• 369 Images.
• Angkor Wat Temple walk-through
• Pertinent information for each temple, such as religion dedicated to, king that commissioned the temple and date commissioned. This will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of each temple.
• GPS coordinates for each temple so you can easily use google maps to locate and explore the temples.
• Practical tips for each temple, such as reason to visit and best time to visit, to enhance your experience.
• Complete Angkor Wat Sunrise and Sunset Guide

With this guide book you will have a larger selection of temples to choose from to personalize your experience than the standard 5 done by guides. Alternatively, use the included itinerary, GPS coordinates and maps to plan your own trip while saving money.

Bonus Included:
• Included map of the park with locations of all 70 temples.
• Layout map of Angkor Wat Temple with the main bas-reliefs to see.
• 11 Other temples to experience amazing sunrise and sunsets
• 23 Tips to help you take better pictures at the temples.
• Advice and options for disabled people, including wheelchair travel. As well as advice for vegans and vegetarians.
• And much more.

If you plan to visit Angkor Wat, This Book Is For You

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July 26
Anton Swanepoel

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