Annual Review Of Cold Atoms And Molecules, Volume 1

Volume 1

Kirk W Madison and Others
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Publisher Description

The aim of this book is to present review articles describing the latest theoretical and experimental developments in the field of cold atoms and molecules. Our hope is that this series will promote research by both highlighting recent breakthroughs and by outlining some of the most promising research directions in the field.
Contents:Atoms and Molecules in Optical Lattices:Ultracold Ytterbium: Generation, Many-Body Physics, and Molecules (S Sugawa, Y Takasu, K Enomoto, and Y Takahashi)Rotational Excitations of Polar Molecules on an Optical Lattice: From Novel Exciton Physics to Quantum Simulation of New Lattice Models (Marina Litinskaya and Roman V Krems)Quantum Phase Transition of Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices (Yaohua Chen, Wei Wu, Guocai Liu and Wuming Liu)Physics with Bose–Einstein Condensates:Unlocking the Mysteries of Three-Dimensional Bose Gases Near Resonance (Mohammad S Mashayekhi, Jean-Sébastien Bernier and Fei Zhou)Light Induced Gauge Fields for Ultracold Neutral Atoms (I B Spielman)Manipulation of a Bose–Einstein Condensate (Xiaoji Zhou, Xuzong Chen and Yiqiu Wang)Experimental Methods for Generating Two-Dimensional Quantum Turbulence in Bose–Einstein Condensates (K E Wilson, E C Samson, Z L Newman, T W Neely and B P Anderson)Atom-Light Interactions:Nonlinear Optics Using Cold Rydberg Atoms (Jonathan D Pritchard, Kevin J Weatherill and Charles S Adams)Mirror-Mediated Cooling: A Paradigm for Particle Cooling via the Retarded Dipole Force (Tim Freegarde, James Bateman, André Xuereb and Peter Horak)Cavity Quantum Optics with Bose–Einstein Condensates (Lu Zhou, Keye Zhang, Guangjiong Dong and Weiping Zhang)Fundamental Physics:Cold Atoms and Maxwell's Demon (Daniel A Steck)Thermalization from the Perspective of Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis (V Dunjko and M Olshanii)Cold Atoms and Precision Measurements (Wencui Peng, Biao Tang, Wei Yang, Lin Zhou, Jin Wang and Mingsheng Zhan)
Readership: Research scientists including graduate students and upper level undergraduate students.

Science & Nature
18 December
World Scientific Publishing Company

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