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Before Someday is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, humor and angst, and a whole hell of a lot of love. Alex is the irresistibly sexy and charming guy who Meg falls madly in love with her freshman year. There is just one problem. He’s going off to college and she’s still in high school.

* * *

“I love you, Megan.” The subtle brush of her lips along mine fills my heart with emotion.

“I love you, too, Alex. This is it. This is our someday.”

A hint of a smile reveals itself as my gaze catches hers. Four years of heat, desire, love is shared between us. “No, Megan.” I lay a soft kiss on her lips. “This…is our forever.”

* * *

In the first part of Double Threat Series, you were captivated by the sassy wit of Megan Miller and the heartwarming romance she shared with the guy who stole her heart and took off with it four hundred miles away. You wondered what Alex was up to while he was away at college. You questioned what he was thinking the night they played strip Twister. And you were dying to find out what the hell he could possibly see in Amy. Now’s your chance to find out when you read Alex Aguilar’s point of view in Before Someday. Alex Tells All about finding the one in this Double Threat novel.

* * *

The Double Threat Series

Meg’s Books
So I’m a Double Threat, #1Double Threat My Bleep, #2Double Time, #3Double Threats Forever, #4The Double Threat Series Box SetLosing It: A Collection of V-Cards
Alex’s Books                                                                                                                   
Before Someday- Part One: The Wait, #5Before Someday- Part Two: The Moment, #6Before Someday- Part Three: The Hold, #7Before Someday- Part Four: The Forever, #8Before Someday- Alex Tells All, #9 (includes #5-#8)
The One for Me- Ben’s Story, #10 (coming someday in the future)

These books include content intended for mature YA/adult readers.

Young Adult
March 29
Julie Prestsater

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