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Being Gay: Nature, Nurture or Both?

- Are people born gay? Is it an inborn trait, acquired condition, or both?

- Scientists are still investigating why some people are gay while others are straight.

- The controversy continues.

Some chose to live a gay life.

Others seek to explore the possibility of resolving their unwanted homosexual desires.

Cohen believes in tolerance, diversity, and equality for all views of sexuality.

In Being Gay, Richard Cohen discusses the science of sexuality and why some may develop homosexual feelings, while others do not. Cohen affirms the individual’s right of self-determination—to embrace their homosexuality and live a gay life, or explore a different path for change. It is a human rights issue—free to love and be loved by whomever we choose.

- Learn about potential causes of homosexual feelings: nature and nurture.

- Discover a four-stage plan to resolve past issues and fulfill unmet love needs.

- Find simple and effective tools to help you achieve your dreams.

“Being Gay changed my life. I cannot express in words what this has meant to me. Your understanding about my homosexual feelings has given me hope and a clear plan for my life.” —Levi Jacobson

“I struggled and suffered in silence for years. No one understood how to help me. You alone did. Words cannot express my eternal gratitude.” —Ahmet Abadi

“In his book Being Gay, Richard Cohen has forged a path for those brave enough to look behind the veil of their sexual desires. This book will become a resource for generations to come.” —Rebecca Sand, Ph.D.

Richard Cohen, M.A., is a psychotherapist, educator, and author of five books. He is an expert in the field of Sexual Orientation Therapy and has trained over 6,000 therapists and ministry leaders worldwide. Having lived a gay life, Cohen knows how it feels from the inside out. He went through his own healing journey to fulfill his dreams. Cohen and his wife have been married for forty years and they have three adult children. As a psychotherapist, he has helped thousands of men and women achieve their hopes and aspirations. www.pathinfo.org

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