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My Billionaire Boss, Part 7

Delilah has promised to trust Jackson Stone but can he trust her? After all, she did take a job at Stone-Black with the intent to destroy the company. And now things are starting to topple around both of them. Will he believe she is innocent?

This is the seventh part of the "Billionaire Boss" series by Emily Cantore and is 6380 words long.

Billionaire Bound: Part 1, Billionaire Bond: Part 2, Billionaire Bondage: Part 3, Billionaire Black: Part 4, Billionaire Blackmail: Part 5, Billionaire Bought: Part 6, Billionaire Bind: Part 7, Billionaire Broken: Part 8 (the final book) are now available!


"I told you I would earn your trust."

He opened the case to reveal a length of thin rope.

"Kinbaku means tight binding. Or sometimes people call it kinbaku-bi. The beauty of tight binding."

As he spoke he unspooled the rope and tested it in his hands. With every movement I found my desire growing. He gave me the rope and I ran it through my hands. It was soft but I could feel it was strong.

"Do you remember your safety word?" Mr. Stone asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, sir," I answered. Red crept up my face. "Molotov."

"Do you trust me?" he asked, sliding the rope out of my hands.

He had asked me this question before but my answer before had been ... well, not a lie. I did trust him and he could trust me. I just had secrets before.

"Absolutely, sir."

"I'm going to tie one arm behind you and connect it to the ceiling beam. The rope will wrap around your body. Then I'm going to use a toy. But you will be the one in control of it."

I'll be in control?

September 20
Emily Cantore

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