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Caught sneaking a smoke in a patient's ward, Doctor Ross finds the perfect opportunity to blackmail the voluptuous Nurse Cary into sin. But when he's also photographed getting intimate with her deepest secret, there can only be mutually assured destruction. Worst of all, the unconscious patient wakes up to the both of them in the act, setting off a rapid downward spiral of lustful debauchery. [WARNING: This 4200 word blackmail experience contains explicit scenes described in graphic language, oral sex, a**l sex, gay sex, transsexual sex, threesomes, doctor/nurse/patient sex and much more! Adults only.] Excerpt: The 'click' of my smartphone camera never felt so much like music to my ears. I bring the screen to my attention, the image of my cock in Doctor Ross' mouth is just the leverage I need to even the playing field. "Wha- what? You're a man?" he spits as I stand up, getting off him. My hand flies by his face, taking a break at the pit stop of his cheek. It turns red from the stinging pain of a scorned woman's slap. "How dare you! I'm obviously a girl!" I flash my smartphone screen in his face. Thanks to the healthy glow of the backlit screen, I can watch his eyes bulge in a crude mixture of fear and anger in perverse satisfaction. He gets up, brandishing his own phone from his pocket. "You b*tch! Don't forget I still have that photo of you!" "Why yes you do, Doctor Ross." I concede. Strangely, my smile is wider than ever. "But don't forget, my photo is more incriminating. So what if you show the head nurse I've been smoking. I'll probably be told off, at worse, fired. But you, you, doctor, you earn much, much more than me, and you still have that reputation of yours to uphold. If this photo gets out, you have much more to lose." My trump card is infallible. I know it, and Doctor Ross knows it judging by the scowl he's currently showing me. If we play the game of mutually assured destruction, he'll definitely be the bigger loser. "What do you want." he spits while wearing a face blacker than the darkness surrounding us. "What do I want?" I repeat after him, caressing every syllable of his question with my tongue. Oh, I am so going to enjoy this.

Fiction & Literature
May 18
Annabel Bastione

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