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Insightful & Conceptual coverage of Internet & Blockchain evolution, Bitcoin, Ethereal, Hyper-ledger, R3 Cora, Auxledger, GDPR, Cybersecurity, Consensus, Mechanisms, Enterprise applications, Global Developments, BAAS platforms, Disruptions across various countries, functional areas along with solution architectures.

Table of Contents

• Introduction- How it started. Rise of Blockchain Religion

• Whodunnit - Unravelling the Mystery of bitcoin's Origin 

• Blockchain - Some FAQs What is Blockchain? Some fundamentals

• Its 'Data' Stupid! - The Rising Power of Data Exponents

• The Rise of Digital Marketing: How it all Started

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Big Data Analytics & its Implications to organisations 

• Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Automating the Future

• Internet of Things- The booming penetration 

• Malware attacks and the cyberthreats 

• Risks of centralization & single points of failure 

• General Data Protection Regulations and their Implications

• Blockchain- An introduction

• Bitcoin & The Blockchain - The inception of the 'BigBang'

• Key features and benefits of Blockchain

• Ethereum- The State Machine

• DAOs & ICOs- Facilitating Entrepreneurship 

• Blockchain Certified LLPs to Boost Entrepreneurship 

• Blockchain Platforms for Web 2.0 Applications 

• The Birth of Enterprise Blockchain

• Hyperledger Project - Fabric, Sawtooth - Versatile and Empowering

• Enterprise Blockchain Platforms- A brief look at options

• DMADV: Lean Six Sigma inspired approach to architect a BCT Solution

• Scaling up the Blockchain Project 

• Blockchain as a Service- Various platforms available

• Blockchain Applications in Action- Case study

• Blockchain use cases- Enterprises, Government, NGOs

• Blockchainified Future- A Vision for progressive enterprises

• Maneuvering in the World of GDPR 

• A safer and secure world with Blockchain based solutions

• Annexure 1: Blockchain Glossary
• Annexure 2: Big Data Analytics - Applications Across Global Enterprises

• Annexure 3: Prominent Blockchain Based Applications and DAOs

• Annexure 4: Consensus Models- A Practical Comparison

• Annexure 5: Enterprise Blockchain Applications- Top use cases x Blockchain The Untold Story

• Annexure 6: Corda Key Concepts

• Annexure 7: Example of a Blockchain Technical White paper 

• Annexure 8: More on 3 Cs of Blockchain-Consensus, CIA & CAP 

• Annexure 9: Concepts addressed in the book 

• Testimonials

Srinivas Mahankali is an Alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore with over 25 years of corporate experience including CXO level experiences as head of Indian and Multinational IT Organisations. As a continuous learner, SM pursued professional courses in Capital Markets, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, BigData, Data Science, Lean Six Sigma and continues to pursue many other learning opportunities to keep himself abreast of the changing times!

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