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Dear Friend:

Re: "Let's Save Six"

I believe that we are put on this earth to help each other and to pass on to the next generations the lessons we have learned. Of the things that surprised me most in recent years through the presentation to thousands of people of my autobiography, "No Such Thing as Impossible" is the scourge that is causing to the humanity, without distinction or country, race or age a "silent killer", the prostate cancer. No man should die of prostate cancer if it is detected on time and the right action is taken.

I am a six years prostate cancer survivor and the lessons I learned throughout my treatment and recovery need to be passed on....why? In the time it takes you to have dinner six men will die in USA needlessly from this silent killer and twenty eight are going to be diagnosed with the disease. YES... SIX MEN WILL DIE. Grandfathers, husbands, brothers, sons, relatives and friends. With this in mind I have embarked on a campaign that with your help we will save the lives of many men.

This week I published my book "CANCER—A Message of Hope, also in Spanish - CÁNCER -- Un Mensaje de Esperanza - is very informative and will certainly provide inspiration to overcome prostate cancer and discover a "newlife". This book encourages men with prostate cancer to face their diagnosis and treatment options. It helps families understand what their loved one will face as he battles this cancer and teaches family members how to help. Perhaps most importantly, this book can create a much needed awareness of this disease, while dispelling the myths that surround it.

The proceeds of "CANCER - A Message of Hope -- is destined to The USA Prostate Cancer Foundation. I am asking you to help me eradicate this heartbreaking statistic. How you can help me with the campaign "Let's Save Six". You can Save Six and thousands of lives more by:

· Buying books to distribute to your family and friends.

· Ask your family and friends to do the same.

March 21
Jairo Alvarez

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