CHAKRA AWAKENING Guided Meditation to Heal Your Body, Aromatherapy & the Power of Positive Thought‪.‬

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Publisher Description

<h4>Uncover the secret to awakening your healing power, learn how to harness your inner reserves of energy and restore balance to your mind body and spirit with the ultimate guide to chakra meditation!</h4><p>Have you been feeling "out of touch" with yourself, but can't pinpoint exactly what the problem is? Is the pace of your daily life a little too fast for your body and psyche to keep up with, leading to episodes of intense stress and anxiety?</p><p>Do you want to master the art of chakra meditation and say goodbye to stress and premature aging? If yes, then this book is for you.</p><p>In this guide, Anit Samsul Amin hands you all the tools you need to unblock your energy through a series of holistic, powerful guided meditation designed to remove the "cobwebs" from each of your chakra points or energy centers and kickstart a top-down healing process in your body and mind.</p><p>Some of the in-depth, practical advice and insights you're going to uncover in Chakra Awakening includes:</p><ul><li>A concise introduction to the seven chakra system for absolute beginners</li><li>Five proven ways to balance the first chakra and heal your body with it</li><li>Surefire signs for each of the seven chakra points that indicate they're out of alignment or are blocked</li><li>Effective ways to heal each of your chakra points and restore balance to your psyche</li><li>What each of the chakra points represents and how they correlate with each other to make you who you are</li><li>The 4 main types of meditation styles and how to choose the one best appropriate for any given time</li><li>...and much more!</li></ul>
<p>Chock full of life-changing insights and practical instructions, Chakra Awakening is a guide designed to help you unblock your energy flow, set you on the path to self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment and bring back balance to your life.</p><h4>Ready for a life-changing experience? Scroll to the top of the page and click the "Buy Now" button to get started today!</h4>

Health & Well-Being
8 September
Anit Samsul Amin

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