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'If Charles Manson is ever let out into society, hide your children! I think we may have another Hitler on our hands' - so ran a message posted on an internet notice board in 2002 as Manson again came up for a parole hearing – it wasn't granted. 33 years after the crimes he was sentenced for Manson is still so feared - and misconceptions so ingrained - that he can still provoke this kind of almost irrational reaction. When in 1987 one of his followers escaped from prison for 2 days - panic swept the entire nation. What sort of man can provoke such fear and why? On any list of serial killers Manson's name is up there near or even at the very top - odd for someone who has never actually been shown to have killed anyone.
Manson was convicted along with others in 1971 for the murder of Sharon Tate an aspiring Hollywood actress and six other people. Year of fear looks at the events surrounding the murders in the year which ended 'the swinging sixties'.
Arrests details the circumstances surrounding the arrests of Manson and members of his so-called 'Family'.
Beyond the man in the mirror examines the background of a man often referred to as a messiah.
Manson and his music looks at his musical associations and delves into some of the often extraordinary myths that have sprung up surrounding this aspect of his story.
Possible influences traces a possible precursor who may have influenced him.
Dance of the Vampires lists the various theories and motives for the killings that have been proposed over the years.
A farcical trial: Manson's trial must rank as one of the most bizarre of modern times. Were the authorities wanting to see justice done or was there a hidden agenda?
Aftermath follows up events subsequent to the guilty verdict.
Facts of the matter takes a cold hard look at the actual details of the Tate murders.
Legacy looks at the wider political and social context at the time of the murders and of events since, what Manson stands for and whether these have relevance today. It shows how unclosed files which have lain dormant for years on politically inspired crimes from the early 70s appear recently to have been dusted off - why?

February 11

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