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Agatha Trout loses her job and inherits a building, so she and best friend Coco open a sex shop. But when things start to go downhill, will her dream of success go limp?

Agatha Trout didn't know she was about to be made redundant. In fact, she'd been perfectly content working as a Greek Mythology librarian until she didn't have the job anymore. She didn't even know she'd had a Great Aunt Petunia either, until she was left a corner shop in the woman's will. 
But it isn't just any old corner shop–it's a corner shop that needs something unique, something the town of Frambleberry has never seen before. Influenced by her confident best friend, Coco, Agatha is soon convinced that there's only one way to go: an adults-only lingerie shop.
While some of the townspeople are clutching their pearls in horror, others are open to the new experiences this shop offers. But not everyone in Frambleberry is convinced. Will the women soldier on in the face of violent threats or will their fears get the best of them—and their new venture—before it even gets off the ground?
Aphrodite's Closet is the first cheeky chick-lit and cozy mystery in the Frambleberry Collection. If you like quirky characters, laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of mystery and endearing friendships, then you'll love Suzy Turner's Aphrodite's Closet.


All Kate wants is to find the soulmate she met as a child. Will an unexpected massive inheritance help or hinder her from ever tracking him down?

When Kate Robinson was just a kid, she briefly met her soulmate during a family holiday to Skegness. It was while dancing in a kiddie disco. The song, I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred was blasting out of the speakers while kids danced all around her. But when she saw him, they all disappeared (well, it certainly felt like they disappeared) and she melted. It was the moment that would remain in her heart forever.
Kate has spent the past two decades yearning to find that boy she saw in Skegness. Shortly after her twenty-eighth birthday, she inherits an absolute fortune from an old family friend and becomes something of an overnight celebrity. All kinds of men soon start coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be the boy she fell in love with all those years before.
Can her new-found fame lead Kate to her soulmate after all this time? Or will she finally realise there can't possibly be a happily ever after?
Forever Fredless is an endearing laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. If you like characters you'd want as friends and ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, then you'll love Suzy Turner's Forever Fredless.


All Summer really wants is a nice man to be happy with, so why does she keep dating all the wrong ones? Perhaps it was growing up with a mother who was, let's face it, a bit of a tart.

When Summer Miller is rudely awoken from the best naughty dream she has had in a long time, her day gets progressively worse until she prangs the car belonging to one of the office's hottest blokes. One thing leads to another and she soon finds herself dating a man who isn't quite what he seems. When her imagination goes into overdrive and she thinks he might not be whom he says he is, Summer ends up running away to Portugal–straight into the arms of a handsome American stranger.
Will she finally find love? Or will she realise that it is what it is–nothing but a romantically doomed holiday fling? 
Stormy Summer is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. If you like quirky characters you'd want as friends, crazy office antics and holiday romance, then you'll love Suzy Turner's Stormy Summer.

5 August
Suzy Turner

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