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This is equivalent to the print edition, which is 640 pages. The focus is on areas likely to be most rewarding for tourists (all of China could not be seen in several lifetimes): Beijing & surroundings, Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Teracotta Warriors near Xi'an, the Yangzi River's Three Gorges, the majestic rural scenery around Guilin, the Pearl River Delta, and the island of Macau Designed to enable you to gain the most from China during your trip. All the big sights in the destinations covered are described, but so are little dumpling houses, lively markets, walks through narrow old streets, places to study tai chi and the 2008 Olympics. The focus is on adventure in every sense of the word--from kayaking and balloon trips to learning the ancient art of calligraphy or fengshui. There are new experiences waiting at every turn, all of which help you get closer to understanding what China is today and how it got here. For each region, activities range from Dragon Boat racing, Chinese cooking and language lessons, as well as the more usual golfing, hiking, boat and bike rides. All the accommodation and eating choices are detailed as well, followed by nightlife. Names for all places, attractions, hotels, and restaurants are shown in Chinese characters as well as in English. That way users can communicate well with taxi drivers and ask directions by showing the book page, which will have a picture of the attraction as well. We travel to grow ñ our Adventure Guides show you how. Experience the places you visit more directly, freshly, intensely than you would otherwise ñ sometimes best done on foot, in a canoe, or through cultural adventures like art courses, cooking classes, learning the language, meeting the people. This can make your trip life-changing, unforgettable. All of the detailed information you need is here about the hotels, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing. But we also lead you to new discoveries, turning corners never before turned, helping you learn about the world in a new way ñ Adventure Guides make that possible. "Having traveled extensively through China over many years, I can see the book's intimacy, not only with the locations, but also with the locals in each place. The author reveals the secrets that he's learned from his long association with China." (Jason Williams, Managing Director, Grasshopper Adventures) "A thorough guide not only to traveling in China but also to the country's history and culture, this should satisfy the novice and seasoned traveler alike. Each city and region is covered from all angles, including activities for those traveling with children. An informative read for those unfamiliar with the country and an excellent way to brush up for the more experienced traveler, this is an excellent guide for planning a China vacation." (Publishers Weekly)

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22 June
Hunter Publishing

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