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For the past fifteen years I have run into many couples, friends of the author - some of whom specifically wanted a girl, and a few others who specifically wanted a boy most of whom are now close friends of mine. Each and every one of them under the guidance of Dr. Paul Gouda, has succeeded in securing the desired gender of their baby.

Last year, in a casual conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to breed my expensive German Sheppard, an elite line of breeding from which the local police has a duty dog. I commented that several friends wanted a pup, and they all wanted a male. I asked my friend Paul, the author, for his advice. He put the male and the female on a special supplementary diet he provided, and he performed the artificial insemination after performing a specific semen treatment. Two months later, a litter of 11 pups, 11 males.

In fact, for the past 8 years it never ceased to amaze me how Dr. Gouda, who is a Great Dane lover, has bred his Danes with a bold online announcement months prior to the whelping of the puppies that they all will be males or they all will be females! And yes, he was never wrong. And, two years ago, coaching a Chinese couple, mutual friends, Dr. Gouda published a congratulatory ad in the local metropolitan newspaper congratulating them in advance on their yet-to-be conceived son. 11 months later, they named him Paul.

This book is an invaluable tool for every couple.

Dr. Timothy Bucha, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul H. Ramses Gouda is a renowned research scientist and an analytical chemist. After first attending the medical school, he decided to specialized in chemical pharmaceutical research.

He is the scientist behind the invention of three new, patent-pending, pharmaceutical drugs designed around the concept of chemical manipulation of hormonal compounds.

His personal experience in mammal sex selection, both human conception and animal breeding, has an unquestionable record of 100% success rate.

This book is one of a kind. A must for every library.

Dr. R. R. Redmond, MD.

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July 16