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If your everyday efforts in baking and cooking have not gotten you the raves you would like to hear, perhaps this book will be of help to you.

In Come Into My Kitchen, this first-time writer, Dorothy Ajdaharian-Arakelian includes her all-time favorite Armenian and International recipes, inspired by her families needs and her gastronomic taste buds.

The authors Armenian upbringing and pride in her heritage enables her to write about old-world Armenian recipes that were handed down from her Mother, along with International favorite recipes she has accumulated over the years.

An interesting feature that makes this book different from a standard cookbook is that the writer has strived to separate the Armenian recipes from the International, thus, enabling the reader to conveniently choose from a variety of cuisines at a glance. The authors introduction and step-by-step methods for preparing dough from scratch and various labor-intensive appetizers and entrees should prove to be fun and accessible, even for the non-expert. From suggested guides for an elegant dinner party for four or forty, to simple short-cuts for make-ahead and one-pot meals for the busy homemaker who has to balance a career.

Dorothy has shared that it took many years to transform her second nature knowledge of recipes, ingredients and processes into easy-to-follow instructions for others to understand. As with all good processes, nothing is exact and Dorothy encourages her readers to experiment with seasonings and flavors to extend the recipes in her book to each individuals personal preference.

Come Into My Kitchen will allow the novice cook or seasoned homemaker to have a wealth of information at his or her fingertips.


I love it! Im sitting in my kitchen on a snowy Chicago Saturday with a pot of tea reading your fabulous cookbook. Love the Helpful Hints.Love the section on the author beautiful and poignant and strong family history. Love the font (type & size), and may I thank you for making the fractions large enough so Im not running for my reading glasses! You wrote this beautiful cookbook with such richness and warmth I feel as if you are right here in the kitchen with me! Okay, you have inspired me to try many, many recipes. I must confess that Im intimidated by (or just a spaz with) homemade dough, but after reading your hints (huh, cornstarch!), I am going to try my hand at this, so Baklava #1 here I come! I hope you are jumping for joy with your hard-earned accomplishment and with the gift that you have given to all of us!
Maureen M., Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Ill
December 9, 2006

Dearest Dorothy:
"Come Into My Kitchen is so much more than a cookbook---it is a collection of memories. For my generation, that remembers our moms cooking together for many church functions in Philadelphia, to the many generations that are now tasting their heritage through the creation of dishes recorded on lovingly worn, handwritten recipe cards, your book is a treasure.
I have so enjoyed sending copies to family across the country and hearing the excitement in their voices once they have thumbed through the pages. Thank you for preserving our culinary culture in such an extraordinary way. You make our mothers proud."
All the Best,
Sara & Richard Stepanian
Abington, MD
January 2008

Dear Dorothy:
You have done a great job in explaining how to prepare one of the worlds most complex, time consuming cuisines. Preparing Armenian food is not for those wanting to make a ten-minute meal. All in all, I think you did a superb job and for the challenge you faced, you should be very proud of what youve accomplishe

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