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Publisher Description

This new edition of Comparative Grammar of Italian and French is a complete reference guide to all the aspects of Italian and French. It is the ideal reference book for those who would like to learn and compare Italian and French simultaneously.
It is designed not only for beginners who do not have an extensive knowledge of grammar, yet need a guide through the grammatical concepts of all mentioned above languages, but also intermediate and advanced students who would like to have a reference book of several Romance languages at once. Comparative Grammar of Italian and French can also be used for either independent study or for learners in classes of all types.
It presents a clear and easy-to-read description of the Italian and French grammar with chapters divided into nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, articles, etc. detailing how each of the two Romance languages operate. The book is well-organized, neatly tabulated, with separate subheadings for topics that require a little more language-specific discussion.

This edition features:
- Detailed contents section and index for easy access to information.
- Hundreds of illustrative and authentic examples.
- Coverage of all the grammatical aspects and useful expressions.
- Sections on the geographical, historical and cultural facts of the Italian and French-speaking world.

This book is written for learners who are particularly fond of or would like to concentrate on learning Italian and French or just to get an all-round knowledge of these two Romance languages.
Furthermore, I have aimed to create a useful and must-have book for all those interested in the two main and most wide-spread Neo-Latin languages - Italian and French with concise and clear explanations of all grammatical areas and numerous practical examples taken from current Italian and French usage.

July 27
Independently published by Mikhail Petrunin