Journeys through war and terror in Southeast Asia

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Nelson Rand is an intrepid adventurer and journalist who has journeyed into some of the most dangerous and inhospitable parts of Southeast Asia to witness the plight of the oppressed. He hiked through the jungles of Laos to interview Hmong guerillas; in Vietnam he ventured into the Central Highlands to document the civil rights abuses

suffered by the Montagard people, who are persecuted by the communist government because they fought alongside American forces in the Vietnam War.

In Burma he joined forces with the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and accompanied the insurgents behind enemy lines as they mounted full scale attacks on the ruling Junta forces.

In Cambodia he travelled with government forces to document the end of the Khmer Rouge, the communist group that killed nearly two million people through execution, torture, starvation and forced labour. His journeys have also taken him to southern Thailand in search of Islamic extremists, who have turned the region into a war zone.

Conflict: Journeys through war and terror in Southeast Asia is no ordinary book.

It is an enthralling narrative of one man’s personal journey into the unseen parts

of Southeast Asia. Few will put this book down without understanding Southeast

Asia’s secret wars, its underground armies, and the plight of its forgotten victims.

About the author 

Nelson Rand has lived in Southeast Asia for over ten years. He has worked as a freelance journalist, which has taken him to some of the most remote and little known conflict areas of the region, a subeditor for The Nation newspaper, and a political contractor for the Embassy of Canada in Thailand. He has a Master's Degree in Asia Pacific Policy Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Asian Studies, both from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He currently resides in Bangkok. Conflict is his first book.

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2 February
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