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Special digital boxed set…The first three books in the Cornwall & Company Mystery Series:

NOW WITH A NEW ENDING! Book 1: Who Hates Marigold Flowers?

How does a wedding planner from Lake Placid, New York end up in the trunk of a Toyota Corolla submerged in a frozen lake near Windham, nearly two hundred miles away? It's easy if you've got two contract killers after you!

Marigold Flowers doesn't understand why anyone would want to kill her. Her specialty is parties, not crime. But there's no denying that someone with a lot of money and significant resources is out to silence her. What secrets does she hold about international money laundering and a criminal syndicate?

NOW WITH A NEW ENDING! Book 2: In the Shadows of a Lie

Booted out of the Department of Justice's WitSec program, suspected of orchestrating the attempted murder of a US Marshal…how can life get any more perilous for Marigold Flowers?

Now that she's shed her old alias, the reborn Olivia Michaud is determined to prove her innocence with the help of Jefferson Cornwall, best-selling thriller author and TV producer, and his brothers. What does all this have to do with her WitSec life in Rhode Island? Was it her fault Jared Spears was brutally murdered? With millions of dollars at stake, and a clever villain on her heels, Olivia is determined to figure out the secret her fiancé took to the grave with him.

Book 3: Bury Me in Paradise

Now settled in Atlanta, Olivia Michaud is shocked to discover she's still on someone's hit list. Desperate to keep her alive, Jefferson Cornwall sends her off to stay with friends of his who are retired FBI agents. But there is nowhere safe for this damsel in distress!

Snatched in Georgia by a couple of hired thugs, Olivia is tossed into the back of a van for a harrowing trip down to Florida. The mastermind of this twisted scheme needs to keep her alive long enough to retrieve a fortune in laundered money in Curaçao. As Jefferson Cornwall and his security team work feverishly to locate the missing woman, time is running out for Olivia. The minute that boat hits international waters, she may be lost forever. Can the plucky heroine keep her wits about her, even as a ruthless murderer continues his killing spree?

Crime & Thrillers
May 27
Sara Barton

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