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Oliver and Lila have been dating for a month and still haven't had sex. When they finally make their way to the bedroom, Lila doesn't hide her disappointment. Oliver is far too small to ever be able to satisfy her. After laughing at his tiny package and humiliating him, she's is about to walk out the door forever. But Oliver stops her. He doesn't mind if she goes out and finds what she needs, he says. He just wants to be able to watch...

WARNING: This 7000+ word story contains mature subject matter, including small penis humiliation, creampie-eating, and a hot girlfriend nearly getting split in two by a massive cock as her man watches and touches himself! Reader discretion is most definitely advised.


Oliver unzipped his pants and pulled his tiny cock out, already hard.

"Wow," Jack said. "I know you mentioned that it was small, but wow." He looked closer. "I thought maybe you just thought it was small, but no, that's seriously tiny."

"Isn't it?" Lila giggled. "It looks even smaller than it did earlier tonight. I didn't think it could even get any smaller!"

Oliver stroked himself between two fingers. They could belittle his cock all they wanted, but he was hard and he was going to enjoy the show.

"Let me show you what a real man has, baby," Jack said. He turned to Lila and kissed her hard, immediately putting a big hand up her shirt and squeezing one of her breasts. She moaned, clearly enjoying the rough treatment.

Her hand went out, touching the bulge in Jack's pants. It was already large, and just kept getting larger. "That's huge," she said with surprise and joy.

"That's all for you, baby."

Yes, she was going to get what she had wanted tonight.

Fiction & Literature
23 February
Roxanne Sweet

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