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Katherine Hunter has been plagued by reoccurring dreams of a little girl who hides in a bathroom from a monster. The dreams are so disturbing and real to Katherine that she has fought in her sleep and wet the bed on several occasions before being awakened by her frustrated husband, Jason. Besides dramatically disturbing her sleep, the dreams have also put a strain on her marriage.

When Katherine talks to her mother about the impact the dreams have had on her life, her mother suggests that she see a psychiatrist. Although Katherine is initially stunned by her mother’s advice, she eventually accepts the contact information for a doctor her mother is familiar with and sets up an appointment.

During her meetings with Dr. Anna Martin, Katherine learns that she was a patient of the child psychiatrist soon after her parents adopted her. A traumatic incident led to the adoption, and the troublesome dreams turn out to be blocked memories of an abusive childhood that Katherine’s mind is finally releasing. Before Katherine was adopted by Bill and Vanessa Tipton her name was Evie. Evie is the name of the girl in Katherine’s dreams.

After several therapy sessions, Dr. Anna suggests that Katherine undergo hypnosis as a means of unlocking her memories of the fatal fire that took the life of her birth mother, Grace. The procedure reveals the brutal emotional and sexual abuse that young Evie endured. As Katherine discovers the truth about her past, it becomes clear to her that the child in her dream—the child she once was—has been protecting her from those devastating memories all along.

Fiction & Literature
3 April
Brighton Publishing LLC

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