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Reiculf, the daokiln and ruler of Demonspawn, lusts for chaos and destruction, but the beast has always been barred from leaving his domain. Once a key enters his realm, the demon lord breaks free to spread fire, pestilence, and death throughout Uton. Manipulations of magic allow the fiend to force his energy into unwilling hosts, and the daokiln moves cunningly to overcome any obstacle which confines his ability to generate pain and destruction. Demons follow the will of their master, and calamity spreads through the gray curtains of Demonspawn.

The guardians of Uton quickly learn of the monster's invasion into their land. As Ryson Acumen joins with both friends and adversaries to battle the encroaching evil, the delver struggles to comprehend the workings of demon magic. The elves of Dark Spruce Forest face the initial brunt of Reiculf's fury, but the daokiln quickly turns his rage upon the human towns of Burbon and Connel. Ryson and his allies fight against every imaginable horror as the full wrath of wickedness is unleashed against their homeland.

The path to a final conflict is lined with both misfortune and treachery. Misery deepens as the daokiln's vicious attacks grow darker, but just as a key arrived in Demonspawn to set the demon lord free, a beacon of hope arrives in Uton to guide the delver to a greater understanding of his own existence. As he unveils the darker secrets of his foe, Ryson must look beyond the shadows of evil to find a way to defeat Reiculf and save his family and friends.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 26
Jeff Inlo

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