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Do you crave control or do you long to be controlled? Does the sight of a pretty, mindless expression on a hot girl excite you? Or do you want nothing more than to offer your body to another woman, becoming blank and obedient, the perfect doll? Whatever you crave, this three story collection has something for you!

Activation Day
When Jennifer Stroud called “Dial ‘M’ For Mindless”, she didn’t know what to expect. She knew she wanted something different, to have less control, to be free from the burden of her life. But when the mysterious Dana Black makes her into the perfect mindless lesbian sex slave, she discovers more fulfilment than she ever dreamed possible.

Make Me Her Mindless Slave
Willow has a secret fantasy: she wants to put her girlfriend Maddie into a hypnotic trance and use her like an obedient doll. When Maddie finds out about this it scares her, but she soon realizes that the idea turns her on just as much as it does Willow! Unable to think about anything else, Maddie begins to wonder just how far she’ll go to give her lover the gift of her body, and her mind!

The Mindless Experiment
Broke college girl, Rebecca Wilder, volunteers for a unique experiment, a study into the limits of temptation. Four hot young girls, locked in a room together, three of them hypnotized to become mindless, obedient dolls when a unique activation phrase is spoken and one who isn't. But which girl will remain awake? Which girl will be faced with the temptation of control and total sexual dominance?

Fiction & Literature
August 3
Ella Ford

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