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You Are About To Learn How To Free Yourself From Emotional Turmoil And Personality And Other Psychological Disorders For Good By Leveraging The Full Power Of Dialectical Behavior Therapy!

Living each day with a heightened state of emotional vulnerability, fragility or feeling constantly overwhelmed by everyday problems or difficult life circumstances, suicidal thoughts or even certain issues such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, PTSD or addictive behavior can feel like the worst thing any human being has to experience.

It's even worse when you hopelessly try to understand yourself and fail, or when you see relationships breaking down before your eyes because no one seems to understand you either.

But you know what?

It doesn't matter how crazy life has been for you, how many times you've given up before or what you've done to tame or calm down your frenzied emotions because help is HERE NOW.

In 1993, Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. a behavioral psychologist invented a strict version of the Cognitive behavior therapy while working with women with suicidal and self-harming behaviors. Over time, she developed her initial model to address all the shortcomings of her patients and incorporate a broader spectrum of psychological issues and that gave birth to a more holistic method that could:

Get to the root of psychological problems

Focus on the improvement of self-image

Change the decision making process that leads to self-harm

Help people become more assertive

Cultivate tolerance

Offer the tools to succeed in any situation moving forward

That method is known as the Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Over the years, DBT has saved many people from potential death or permanent impairments, and guided them to full recovery. Most of these people are now living a much, much happier and fuller life.

YOU can also be part of this group of success stories today- and this book is here to help you get there in the best way possible.

I know you may be wondering…

So how exactly does DBT work to bring about the different benefits?

What does it entail that makes it possible to bring these benefits?

How can you adopt DBT in your life?

How does DBT compare with other methods of cognitive behavioral therapy?

If these and other related questions are going through your mind, you can in luck because this book answers all that using simple, easy to follow language to help you put what you learn into action!

More precisely, the book will teach you:

The basics of DBT, including what it is, what it entails, how it came about and how it has evolved until now, how it works and much more

Modules and components of DBT

Who can benefit from it and how

How to use DBT for emotion regulation and distress tolerance, deal with substance abuse, mental health problems and much more

How DBT can be applied in relationships

A quick guide to using DBT in every facet of your life

How DBT compares with other CBT methods

DBT treatment

DBT therapist and the question/answer class

DBT distraction techniques

Answers to frequently asked questions about DBT

…And so much more!

So if you're finally ready to take control of your personality disorder with a comprehensive step-by-step guide, you should look no further, even if you've tried all manner of hacks or tricks without success!

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16 August
AAron Benk