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Mia has the perfect boyfriend. He's kind, handsome, and absolutely worships the ground she walks on.

But when he pops the question, she doesn't really feel happy.

It's not that she doesn't love him. It's just that she doesn't really have many emotions at all.

See, Mia is an android. She looks and acts just like a human woman, except that her main function in life is to please...

WARNING: This 6000+ word story contains sexual activity between a handsome young man and a sexy female android - for adults only!


The smile that turned up the corners of Mia's mouth came almost out of nowhere. She pulled Nolan to her for another long kiss, and didn't stop him this time when his hand explored under the hem of her blouse.

"Now that you know my secret, there's no reason to wait any longer," she whispered.

As he explored her body more, she caught herself worrying that he would figure out that she was an android. Then she reminded herself that he already knew and that he loved her anyways.

She allowed him to unbutton her blouse, satisfied with his eager reaction to seeing her creamy breasts and large pink nipples. There was a bulge growing between his legs, she observed. He desired her.

Even though she couldn't say the same herself, she felt no distaste at the prospect of copulating with him. She wouldn't enjoy the act physically, but she wanted to give him all the pleasure she could. Pleasing him would be more than enough pleasure for her.

Fiction & Literature
28 March
Roxanne Sweet

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