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Daniel Davey is the man who fuels many of Ireland’s elite athletes. A performance nutritionist for Leinster Rugby and Dublin senior footballers, he has seen first-hand how consistently eating good food can lead to trophies, personal bests and incredible physiques.

The good news is that it’s not just in elite sport that you can raise your game through diet. Here, Daniel translates the science of nutrition into easy-to-follow information and simple, delicious recipes that will help you align your food choices with your nutrition and energy requirements.

In this book, you can choose from lower carbohydrate, lower calorie recipes for rest and recovery days and higher carbohydrate, higher calorie recipes to energise and fuel your body on exercise days. Whether you want to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass or simply eat food that makes you feel healthy, energetic, strong and confident, the recipes and information in this cookbook will ensure you are primed to reach your personal best.

‘Daniel opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition to my performance. My diet and work with Daniel were integral to my return from long-term injury. His passion for food and gaining an edge is infectious and it has driven us all to be better athletes.’ Bernard Brogan, Dublin Senior Footballer

‘Daniel not only gave me an insight into what was needed in terms of nutrition for performance but explained it simply and backed it up with incredible detail and science. By far the best performance nutritionist I’ve ever worked with!’ Seán O’Brien, Irish International Rugby Player

‘I always looked for an edge when it came to my preparation for performance, and nutrition became a core element of this later in my career and this was mainly due to the support, education and guidance of Daniel Davey. Daniel has been key to helping me form the habits I need for peak performance.’ Paul Flynn, Dublin Senior Footballer

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September 20
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