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Introducing The Skill Regarded As MORE Important Than IQ For Becoming The Best Leader You Can Be, Building Better Relationships & Thriving In Your Career!

Do You Want To Maximize Your Leadership Abilities?

Do You Want To Discover How You Can Think Critically In Your Professional & Personal Life?

Do You Want To Develop The ULTIMATE Superpower For Becoming More Self-Aware? 

By now, it's no secret the power that Emotional Intelligence can have on all aspects of our lives. 
But, if you didn't know- Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, understand their motivations & how to work cooperatively with them.' 
Sounds pretty crucial for a leader.
But, what about Critical thinking? How will that help you? 
Well, in the modern world with endless information, learning to discern fact from fiction has never been more important. 
And, as a leader, knowing what information to share with your team, knowing when people are showing cognitive biases, and being able to stand as a fair, objective mediator has never been more important. 
And, by combining the 5 pillars of EQ with the power of developed Critical Thinking Skills, your ability to lead will reach heights you never expected. 
Whether you need to improve your Self-Awareness, develop more empathy, or deepen your Cognitive abilities, we will guide you from start to finish to mold you into the best leader you can possibly be. 
Oh, and it doesn't matter whether you're leading your local sports team, your small office, or a giant corporation; the practices & information inside can be tailored to any situation you find yourself in!
 Here's a tiny preview of what's inside…
The 20 Most Important Strategies For Not Only Understanding What Makes A Great Leader But Maximizing Your Leadership Abilities Starting Today!Why Almost All Great Leaders Have High Emotional Intelligence How Critical Thinking Will Revolutionize Your Relationship With The Endless Sea Of Information You're Bombarded With EVERY Day!Why Becoming & Being A Great Leader Is FAR More Than Just Learning How To Manage People (Including 3 Skills You MUST Develop!) Why Emotional Regulation Is One Of The Most Important Skills, You Can Develop In Your Life & How Outbursts Are Hampering Your Life Without You Even Knowing It 3 Things All Great Leaders Have In Common & Why They Were So Respected By Their PeersHow Developing This Is Like Developing A Superpower In ALL Of Your Human Relationships Why Social Skills & Charisma Are So Key To Being Seen As More Than Just The 'Boss' Or 'Manager' By Those You Lead (& How To Develop Authentic Relationships With Your Team!) 5 Things Every New & Experienced Leader Can Do To Build Essential Leadership Habits
 ...And SO Much More! 
Even if you have ZERO ability to regulate your emotions or show empathy, even if your lack of social skills is limiting your leadership abilities, and even if you struggle to discern the truth within a sea of information, this blueprint to Leadership Mastery will help you access your true potential using tried and tested methods.

So, If You Want To Build More Meaningful Relationships With Those You Lead, Access Your True Leadership Potential & Skyrocket Your EQ, Then Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart".

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18 January
Devon House Press