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Emotional Intelligence Is Your Ticket To Success
Take the first step towards mastering your social skills and turning your life around today!

The secret to success isn't always about technical skills.  In fact, that plays a very small part in the grand scheme of things.  I mean, if you think about it, we all know a braniac wiz who just can't get ahead in life, and when we look at them, it's quite obvious.  They don't know how to socialize, deal with conflicts, or even manage their own emotions.  But here's the twist, many of us are this same way, just not at the extreme end of the spectrum.  Sure, we may be playing the EQ game 10 times better than the braniac, but what if we played it 100 times better?  What if we were so conscious of our own emotional intelligence and of the people around us that we could have massive control in every social situation with just a little bit of knowledge of soft skills and communication skills?  You see, that's the secret to success...it's your emotional intelligence, how well you empathize and bond with others as well as how conscious you are of your own emotions.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for you, since you're reading this), most people don't actively study these skills.  That's a good thing for people who do study these skills and want to get ahead in life because when it comes to emotional intelligence, there are only two types of people who really understand it.  There are "the naturals" who can control a room with their charm without even trying, and then there are those who have sharpened their emotional intelligence to the point where they can not only compete with the charm of the naturals, but surpass them, harnessing the true power of emotional intelligence and strategically using when it's most needed.  In this book, I help you get to that level.  I introduce you to the basics of emotional intelligence, soft skills, and some of my favorite tips for becoming a better communicator by appealing to the emotions of others.  I'll also teach you about your own emotional levels, tactics you can take to reduce stress in the heat of the moment, overcoming disempowering emotions, and tricks to relating to others on an emotional level using nonverbal communication.  The best time to sharpen your emotional intelligence was yesterday, and the second best time to do it is today.  Are you ready to take control?

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What I'll Teach You...
-The 4 Components & 4 Branches Of Emotional Intelligence

-My 3 Steps For Mastering Stress Immediately

-My Emotion Pinpointing Technique

-The 3 Nonverbal Tricks For Emotionally Relating To Others

-How To Lighten The Mood In Any Situation

-The Power Of Soft Skills

-The 3 Ways You Sabotage Your Own Communication

-The 4 Stepping Stones To Good Communication

-The 6 Best Tips To Improve People Skills

-Much, much more!

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The longer you wait to develop your emotional intelligence, the more opportunities you miss out on, so download your copy today and watch your EQ skyrocket!

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February 26
Ramit Gupta

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Very practical

If you want a quick guide into EI, this is the one

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