Enclosed Love

10 Erotic Short Stories

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Publisher Description

<p>Enclosed Love is the first short story collection from erotic author Dakota Deece. Come along on ten delicious tales of bdsm, menage and couple's erotica. Enclosed Love features eight M/F pairings and two stories featuring multiple partners. A terrifying snow storm brings two strangers together; and a college freshman may just get seduced by the very girl he has been lusting after all year.

Snowed In
Frightened after being snowed in after a snow storm, Jack finds her in the hiking hut.&nbsp; With another snow storm on the way, Jack takes shelter with Jess. It may be cabin fever, but things start to heat up between Jack and Jess, and since they are snowed in together, what better way to keep warm?

Enclosed Spaces
Rita is always being told what to do by her over controlling boss. Everett liked to give an order and expected Rita to make it happen. Whilst traveling in an elevator together, it becomes stuck. There is no other choice for Rita, she must take control, to stop her boss freaking out.&nbsp; She may enjoy this more than she ever thought!

Under The Stars
Mac decides to surprise his fiancee Jeanette with a romantic getaway. However, his idea of romance is not quite the same as hers. He takes her back to the place where they first met, camping in the middle of the woods. He then proceeds to remind her of why, despite the freezing cold temperature outside, camping in the woods can be so much fun.

Bounty Hunting
In an eerie deserted labyrinth of empty warehouses, burnt out buildings, sheer drops and death defying walkways, two bounty hunters play a tense game of cat and mouse. But all is not what it seems, these are not foes or enemies but lovers who take their pleasure from domination and submission.

Pretty Little Flower
Michael owned a flower shop, but Jess never received any flowers. After dating for a while, Jess is starting to wonder if Michael really likes her or not. On Valentine&rsquo;s Day, after following a trail of petals and finding that Michael had listened to her, Valentine's Day was turning into a day of surprises&hellip;and there are more to come.

Love Me Tonight
Mark has just celebrated his thirtieth birthday, a day for celebration maybe, but it was also on this day two years ago that he married his beautiful blonde wife, Jane. As he settles down for another solitary evening in front of the television, he starts to sense and feel that he is not alone.

By The Book
A lonely librarian finds that she&rsquo;s so engrossed in books such that she&rsquo;s missing out on real life. After joining an online dating agency, she &lsquo;meets&rsquo; a man who seems to be perfect for her. After many virtual dates, they decide that it&rsquo;s time to meet for real.

Alan&rsquo;s Big Night Out
Alan Jackson has just started his first year at university. So far it&rsquo;s been great, and he's absolutely loving it&mdash;wall to wall girls all eager to have some fun. However, Alan has his eyes on one girl in particular.

Magic At The Club Magique
Peter's been invited to a very special club by his current girlfriend, a club where everyone dresses in corsets and leather,&nbsp; a club where all sorts of sexual play takes place in full view of others.&nbsp; Understandably, he's intrigued by the whole place as he's never been anywhere like it before.&nbsp; When he goes in search of his girlfriend, he's not expecting what he finds.

Three, Two, One
Max and I had been friends since university; more than friends, we'd been lovers. But for the past year, Max had been seeing his girlfriend, Rachel.&nbsp; Now after weeks and weeks of discussion, we were going to try a threesome.


Fiction & Literature
20 April

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