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In the centre of the galaxy there is an artificial planet. It was intended as a Public Museum cum Library, built to house the human genome, and the Earth Genome. It is the greatest collection of art, artefacts, knowledge and weapons technology ever known. Because of the perceived value of this collection to humanity, the planet is defended against the possibility of extraneous damage from Space, such as meteor strike, the impact of comets or errant asteroids. This defence is completely automated, driven by independent programmes called Sentinels that are stationed in the moons, which perpetually scan the surrounding galaxy for potential threats. They control weapons systems powerful enough to counter any long-range problem, regardless of size, and respond only to each other and the planet itself. But the planet has long gone rogue and is dangerously inaccessible.
However, B’lanche has found a way in.
On the artificial plains of the Cradle a brutal symbiosis exists between two competing peoples. Genetic Engineering has allowed one side to fly. The other cannot, so instead they have co-opted artificially manufactured dragons. They slaughter each other without Principle, without mercy. The First Sword encourages the Acolyte to intrude into this claustrophobic world. He tries to mediate and discovers that heaven is truly where the heart is; if you have one.
In the meantime, B’lanche has accessed the Interior to continue her declared research for grounds and strategy for her appeal.

Fiction & Literature
July 5
Chris Blake

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