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Extended Summary Of A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose - Based On The Book By Eckhart Tolle

Do you feel lost?

Do you feel like you can’t find your way to happiness?

Discover how to live your life and achieve your personal fulfillment.

What will you learn?

You’ll understand why society has become violent and out of control.

You’ll start to see the path to change and improve the world.

You’ll be able to define your life’s purposes, which will be your guide along the way.

You’ll learn to accept others, to change what is in your hands to be modified and to enjoy a happy life.

About the original book

This work shows us that there’s a possibility for building a better world for us to live happily.  The starting point is to understand who we are and what our purpose in life is. The key is to achieve a personal transformation to discover our deepest being, the one that remains free from the destructive ego. 


Chapter 01: Agony Or Transformation? Overcome Your Ego And Change The World

Chapter 02: The Madness Of Oneself And That Of Others

Chapter 03: A Change Of Conscience Is A Change In The Way Of Acting

Chapter 04: In Search Of The Solution

Chapter 05: The Root Of The Problem - The Ego

Chapter 06: Looped With The Ego: "My"

Chapter 07: We Aren’t Our Roles

Chapter 08: The Ego And The Body Of Pain

Chapter 09: Accept This

Chapter 10: The Shadow That Lives In You

Chapter 11: Harmonize Your External And Internal Objective

Chapter 12: Accept And Enjoy. Two Key Actions For An Enlighted Life

About Mentors Library

Books are mentors. Books can guide what we do and our lives. Many of us love books while reading them and maybe they will echo with us a few weeks after but 2 years later we can’t remember if we have read it or not. And that’s a shame. We remember that at that time, the book meant a lot to us. Why is it that 2 years later we have forgotten everything? That’s not good.

This summary is taken from the most important themes of the original book.

Most people don’t like books. People just want to know what the book says they have to do. If you trust the source you don’t need the arguments. So much of a book is arguing its points, but often you don’t need the argument if you trust the source you can just get the point.

This summary takes the effort to distill the blahs into themes for the people who are just not going to read the whole book. All this information is in the original book.

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