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What you are about to read is beyond Unique! The tools for our investigation of the subject matter do not fit neatly into one particular genre.
This about Numbers.
Yet, this is NOT a definitive text on Numerology.
Far from it.
To explore these performances, we will employ informal surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of our systems. As we evaluate exceptional feats, this book could be entitled
"Metaphysics Put To The Test". Rather than quote statistics as most books do-- I will show you actual Numbers. Yet again, this not a book about "Metaphysics" or so-called "New Age" disciplines.
We will begin by examining a numerical system, "relatively unknown", which seeks to "even" the score in contests of any nature. Additionally, we will take a fresh look at Biorhythm Theory, to determine how it affects the outcome of such performances. Finally, we will look at Astrology and its' application. As with Numerology, this is NOT a definitive examination. No charts will be cast. However, an informal ,revealing survey will be conducted.

Ultimately, our journey will explore whether Physics and Metaphysics are inextricably linked.We shall take a look at paranormal phenomena. After over 165 years it has not been proven these abilities exist -- Or has it? Find out how these abilities exist under our very nose! We will examine if the World Class Skeptics have done us a disservice in their dismissal. Is Russia now ahead of us? Further : Does Russia have gifted "sensitives" who are attuned to the US and our leadership?

In the world of sports : Have you ever marveled when a pro golfer shots a round of 59 or even 58 or lower? Find out what ten of fourteen golfers when they shot these scores. Furthermore : Can a golfer "will the zone" , thereby rendering a score of "59" automatic? Annika Sorenstam certainly thinks so. Find out why she is probably correct!

In horse racing-- why did 37 years elapse between "Triple Crown" winners? Find out what half of the "Triple Crown" winners have in common that was crucial to their success!

In the field of politics you will be introduced to a "little-known" numerical system that predicted Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential election. A system that was more accurate than most of the pollsters and political pundits!
On a personal level : Have you ever wondered why your younger brother beat you at checkers-- yet you were the better student in school? If not your brother-- Is there someone who always seems to have the edge, when you compete? Read this book to find out what that edge is!
Did you watch Nancy Zerg defeat Ken Jennings, the greatest "Jeopardy" champion of all time-- Then lose the very next game to much less formidable opponents? Was it sheer luck or something else that caused Jennings collapse? Read and discover the Numbers that precipitated this Giant slaying!

For football fans : Does Manning Own Brady? Find out why he does!

Charles "Sonny" Liston saw a "Crazy Man" standing over him in his second fight with Muhammad Ali. Find out what happened when Muhammad Ali himself , faced a "Crazy Man".

The World of Magic and Illusion--Is any of it Real? Find out how the author Busted Mike Super literally to the "T".

Read about this and Much Much More!

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Namref H. Tims

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