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Cole and his wife, Gigi are both in their late twenties and very successful. He has an upper executive-level position with his company and Gigi isn’t far behind with hers. But she wants more, so she agrees to be flown from their home in Los Angeles up to San Francisco, to interview for a far more prestigious job with an electronics firm. She had interviewed for a lesser job with them a few years back, didn’t get it, but they kept her resume on file and contacted her about the new opening.

The problem is, during the intervening years, the company has relocated from LA to the Bay Area. When she is unexpectedly triumphant in pursuing the important job, she doesn’t know what to do at first. The over three-hundred miles from her house in LA to San Francisco rules out a daily commute and Cole is firmly ensconced with his current employer, so he doesn’t want to resign and look for a similar job up north, so they can’t move. He somewhat jokingly suggests that she move up to the Bay Area on her own; with their large allotment of vacation days as senior executives and weekends, they could see each other by flying back and forth.

Gigi is at first appalled by the idea of separating—what kind of marriage would that be? Although it was originally his suggestion, Cole rapidly gets cold feet about the idea of living apart from his stunning, vivacious wife. She has been nothing but true-blue since they started going together years ago, and since they’ve been married. But he knows Gigi had quite the record with other men before settling down with him. Does he really trust her that much?

Sure enough, once the move is accomplished, Gigi reverts to being the footloose and fancy-free girl she was in college, telling Cole all about her adventures with the various men and women she meets and beds; complete with photos and even videos sometimes.

Will Cole turn out to be the voyeuristic cuckold she suspects him of being, content to see her on the odd weekend and to view her other hook-ups via video in between? Or will this new arrangement tear their once-happy marriage apart, as Cole fears it will?

Fiction & Literature
26 May
C.K. Ralston

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