Fever in the Jungle: Inside the World of an Epidemic Troubleshooter

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"This splendid book reminds me of my own experiences, travelling in various places of the world more than sixty years ago. Hopefully, as is suggested herein, things are changing. I wish Bassie the best of fortune in the splendid work he does." – Peter Somerville-Large, author of To the Navel of the World: Yaks and Unheroic Travels in Nepal and Tibet

What is life really like amidst the global battle against epidemics and infectious diseases? In 'Fever in the Jungle', Sebastian Kevany draws on his experiences of over more than one hundred treatment, prevention and outbreak missions, in some of the most remote corners of the world. Amidst the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and Ebola, he takes us out of hotel room bubbles and, not just off the beaten track – but to the places where there are no tracks at all.

'Fever in the Jungle' describes, in vivid detail, the successes and defeats of a field epidemiologist, troubleshooter, liaison, barefoot diplomat and jack-of-all-trades. From rattling convoys and ramshackle malaria clinics in South Sudan, to air-conditioned meetings with government officials in Sierra Leone – with a few full-moon parties along the way – this is a window into the often bizarre challenges, places and adventures that make up an occasionally chaotic, often unpredictable yet, always fulfilling existence.

"Sebastian captures the fine line between success and failure in tackling some of the greatest challenges facing humanity… a book that will inspire involvement in the work of epidemic control in inhospitable places." – Mark Pollock, explorer, speaker and strategist; author of 'Making it Happen'

Sebastian Kevany has worked in the Middle East, the South Pacific, Eastern Europe and Asia, focusing on epidemic and infectious disease control and response, monitoring and evaluation, health security, international relations, human rights, conflict resolution, diplomacy and international relations.

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28 October
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