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This Installment which I intend as the Final Installment -- is much different than its' three predecessors. It builds on the other three-- yet it stands independently of them. I reveal a lot about myself to better illustrate what I am trying to convey to you.
Much is revealed about my sex life. It is not meant to be pornographic or sensational. In my view -- even though some may think : "Sex is Over-rated". -- Sex remains a very powerful, integral part of life. Just ask some of the victims of the "Me Too" movement.

Naively , for years I did not realize I am and was an unwitting member and part of that movement-- a victim myself.
Even though I did not consider myself as such -- I was a victim on more than one occasion from a female -- rather than a male!
I present this to you in all earnestness and honesty. I feel that even today in 2020-- Sex is not discussed openly-- honestly -- and effectively at any level or venue.
But this Installment is NOT all about sex.
It deals with a very basic question of our belief systems.
Does Satan a.k.a. Lucifer exist?
Some of you may know there is a TV show entitled "Lucifer". Lucifer has captured the attention of millions for centuries. The question : Does he exist?
In my endeavor to answer this age-old question-- I share with you , many of my life experiences. Many of which even my family members or closest friends have not heard. It is my desire to give you a fresh and unique perspective on the subject of Lucifer.
For those of you that are Angelina Jolie fans-- Believe that I may have been "indirectly" contacted by her.
Final note : For the small , select group that is following me throughout this series -- I am charging a nominal price for this installment.
I want to start a (truly) non-profit boarding home for the mentally ill. I do NOT want to make a cent of profit in so doing this. Consider your purchase a donation toward that effort. I believe your money will be well spent.
So let's find out-- Does Satan a.k.a, Lucifer exist?

Religion & Spirituality
January 20
Namref H. Tims

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