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A young girl learns to pierce the shadowy border between reality and the paranormal…

From the outside, Emily's childhood in a marvelous village by the lake seemed like a fairy-tale. Adventures with her cousins and friends, wonders of nature, and the shore… each day brought another mystery, and she perceived the ways of the world as only a child can.

But as Emma grows, she becomes aware of something bizarre. She is not like her friends; she is an ALIEN in her own family. She can see and do things other people can't. Strange, inexplicable occurrences fill her life and reveal the astonishing truth: Emily is special… She is an Indigo Person. Where others see coincidences, the girl sees hidden paths of the Universe, calling her to cross the boundary of the paranormal.

Gods' Food combines a childhood memoir with a deeper look at the world round us, and the supernatural miracles we take for granted. There's more to this world than we can imagine, if we but open our minds.

The story of Emma Smith, from her first memories staying at her grandmother's house with her cousins Billy and Tilly Fifer, through her infancy years and to the turbulent period of becoming an adolescent, is told with vivid recollection and attention to detail in this heart-warming and reflective book.

Enjoy being drawn into the amusing and mysterious adventure, that will remind you of the time when you were kids and teenagers yourselves!

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This is the 2nd Edition of the novel, intended for those adults and young adults who enjoy being drawn into amusing adventures (along with the murky tinge of troubles), reminding times when they were kids and teenagers themselves.

Warning: this version of the book contains some scenes unsuitable for very young readers.

Young Adult
March 22
Sahara Sanders

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