Golf: Golf Strategies: The Perfect Swing: Golf Game Preparation

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Are you tired of anger and frustration on the golf course? Do you wish you could play more consistently?

Whether you want to (1) learn basic golf techniques, (2) improve your consistency, or (3) master the mental part of the game, this book will teach you everything you need to know.

Do missed putts drive you crazy?

Stop doing the same thing while expecting different results. If your game is not improving, you can keep on flailing away OR you can start applying proven strategies to improve your game. I know there are a lot of contradictory opinions on various aspects of golf that can easily have your head spinning in confusion. What I've done in this book is to wade through all the knowledge out there and then distilled it into the best advice possible in the form of straightforward instructions anybody can follow to start seeing steady improvements in their golf game.

Would you like to see your game steadily improve?

Start learning the best ideas which can work in harmony to lower your scores. I've explained why each strategy I've included is useful and effective. Some of the simplest instructions, when followed consistently, can have the greatest impact on your game. So go ahead: as you discover each principle, start to apply it to your golfing, and take note of how your playing improves!

Get the perfect swing.

Because you are a unique person, your perfect swing is going to be unique to you. Instead of burdening you with a plethora of minute details that nobody can pay attention to all at once, I've boiled it down to a few key ideas that will help you greatly improve your swing. You can train yourself to concentrate on these simple items as you prepare for and execute your swing. What I share in this book is designed to help your mind and body work in unison to find the swing that is optimal for you.

Balance the technical versus the intuitive.

All golfers fall somewhere along the lines between technical players and those who rely mainly on instinct. While, for each person you interview, you will get at least one (and sometimes more than one!) opinion regarding which style of play is better, I have taken a mixed position. This allows me to share with you the best of both extremes, equipping you to play both technically and intuitively to your greatest advantage.

What Will You Learn About Golf?
How to boost your putting precision.Tips that will have you hitting harder and with greater accuracy.Practical instruction to increase your concentration and focus to new heights.The best conditioning and nutrition strategies for enhancing your game.How to play strategically and intelligently, so you can make the most of each stroke.
You Will Also Discover:
How to relax and enjoy the game.A summary of the best equipment available that can enhance your play.How to free your mind for better performance when playing.Practical tips that will have you consistently shooting lower scores.
Start winning and having fun on the golf course!      

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20 March
Pro Mastery Publishing

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