Greetings from Guilka, Ballymoe: Poems from the Head and the Heart

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The inspiration for this volume of poems may be rooted firmly in a small village in County Galway but, William Tiernan’s poetic vision roams much further than that. Indeed, these poems amply demonstrate that for art to succeed, it is not a matter of how far one has travelled but, how much one is prepared to let the mind wander. Wherever we go in life, we can never stray far from the present. We do not know what the future will bring and we should feel all the better for that.
The way that the Tiernan writes about his native place would make you wish you were there. It is like looking at a set of picture postcards and yet, serious issues are dealt with too: candid observations on life and death, the passing of loved ones, battles with depression, family, friendship and community.
What shines through is an ability to marvel and wonder at all that the world has to offer, all the beautiful things that the Earth possesses, once we know how to appreciate them. If in doubt, then just take a look at the face of the wide-open space when you're feeling down. In Creation, there is no failure.
Love the silence, embrace it, let your heart be your home and you will never be alone.

William Tiernan is a poet and author who resides in rural Galway, close to the Roscommon border. His writings reflect his personal experiences and convictions, as well as strong ties to the community in which he lives, his identification with the place where he grew up. He has published two collections of poems and, in 2014, he was National Winner in the poetry category at the Hanna Greally International Literary Awards, organised as part of the annual SiarScéal Festival in Co. Roscommon.

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29 December
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